You are a demon trying to deal with your dumb wizard husband, who lost all his memories and now does not trust you, his beautiful husband with many claws and mouths, at all.

- 3k words, all sad
- 3 unique endings
- Much internal screaming

A self-contained twine that could become the first chapter of a longer story. If you'd like to read more about this disastrous couple, please let me know.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsDark, Fantasy, Gay, Horror, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Mystery, Romance
Average sessionA few minutes


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Amazing game!

I wasnt prepared for me to get this emotional, i love how the  demon knows that his husbund is dead but still clings to his shadow, it shows how difficult it is to overcome grief and letting go. Loved it <3


Loved this a lot! Just something to point out, but if I get to the 'Your heart' choice and then choose "YOU. WERE. IN LOVE. WITH. ME." option I just get a blank page.

Aaagh! Thanks for the kind words and the bug report, I'll give it a look.

It’s really good, I like how it combines funny stuff with genuinely heartbreaking text!!


I know it said "3k words, all sad" upfront but somehow i was very taken aback and quite frankly affronted by just how emotional this made me. 10/10 very nice

Short game, but I'm already so obsessed with these two! Had a fun time of simply exploring through such charming dialogue! Would love to see this continue!!!

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Got all endings (the last one took a bit...), and ooo "A self-contained twine that could become the first chapter of a longer story"? I'd definitely want to see that XD The story is somehow weird and enjoyable at the same time??? The word "disastrous" you used is perfectly fit XD

Oh this is just wonderful (and painful ç-ç) although I frustratingly just cannot seem to get that elusive third ending!!!! Is there any chance you could share a hint?

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Since I don't really know which one you're missing, tell me if this isn't the ending you want XD


The 3 endings are good, bad, and extremely bad in my opinion XD considering the last one was the most uncommon, I think you might need to choose 'looks so similar but isn't him' and 'grotesque', after that I guess you can already know what's the last ending. Hope this helps you, although the ending isn't too enjoyable XD

welp i managed to get it and it was just as you said ç-ç but finally, my completionist heart can rest..... definitely want more of these two though!!!

Yeah, same here XD


Beautiful prose, loved this whimsical gothic twine! Replayed several times and all dialogue was a joy!