A downloadable game for Windows

A merchant without a face.
A world without nights.
A Sun without mercy.


This is a playable teaser of our upcoming RPG Selling Sunlight. It lacks mechanics and visual polish, and it's much more linear than the main game, but it should give you a taste of the kind of gameplay you should expect from the complete game.

If you enjoyed it, please consider backing our Kickstarter!


Known Bug/issues
  • If the game is laggy and you have an Nvidia graphic card, open the Nvidia control panel and turn Vertical Sync OFF.
  • The game has no sounds effects at the moment ;_;
  • Some graphical assets are missing/not final



Website: http://sellingsunlight.com/

Presskit: http://sellingsunlight.com/press/sheet.php?p=selling_sunlight

Twitter: twitter.com/sellingsunlight

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sellingsunlight/



Chiara - Background artist: twitter.com/cornopardo

Anita - Character artist: twitter.com/anitakajika

Giada - Everything else: twitter.com/brica6rac


Lucy - Sprite artist: twitter.com/lucyrawrs

Devin - Composer: twitter.com/tbluesun



Selling Sunlight - Pre-alpha demo 1.06.zip 157 MB

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