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In narrative RPG Selling Sunlight, you are a wandering merchant whose face got stolen by the Sun. To get your identity back, you'll have to explore a strange, hand-painted world, befriend other travelers, trade goods and information and conspire against the Sun Himself. Will you ask for His pardon, or try to defy Him?

This is a playable teaser we released for our Kickstarter campaign. It lacks mechanics and visual polish, and it's much more linear than the main game, but it should give you a taste of the kind of gameplay you should expect from the complete experience. We hope you'll enjoy it!



Chiara - Background artist: twitter.com/cornopardo

Anita - Character artist: twitter.com/anitakajika

Giada - Everything else: twitter.com/brica6rac


Lucy - Sprite artist: twitter.com/lucyrawrs

Devin - Composer: twitter.com/tbluesun



Selling Sunlight - Pre-alpha demo 1.07.zip 157 MB


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The trading was kind of clumsy, but that's to be expected in an alpha. The art and writing are both great, and I'm looking forward to the full game.