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I've only discovered your game at this point, too late to contribute to your Kickstarter campaign, which I'd love to do as I'm delighted by your art and concept. I see the campaign has been funded. Have you released the full  game? 

Hello! Glad you liked the demo!
We don't have a planned release date yet, but the game will be released this year both here on Itch and on Steam.

You can wishlist it here if you want:

Thank you for replying! I have wishlisted the game and will be looking forward to the release! Good luck with it!

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I really loved the art style (both characters and backgrounds). 

In my humble opinion, here is my suggestions:
* Our character can walk faster, maybe.
* "Convince the merchant about price" part is a little  boring in current state, of course you can improve it (I mean I believe you can manage it).
* It is a "very big maybe" but maybe you can add mini games (like dice poker in Witcher 2) for dialogues? So if we win the game, we can learn what we need. I actually suggested this for destroy the monotony for dialogues and add some fun.

Glad you enjoyed the demo! 

Thanks for the suggestions. And yeah, we know the bartering part is currently the roughest part of the demo, we're working to add more skills/make it more interesting for the final release!

The trading was kind of clumsy, but that's to be expected in an alpha. The art and writing are both great, and I'm looking forward to the full game.